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Have you ever looked at a logo of a company, or more to the point, the negative spacing in and around that logo? Often you can make out something in that negative space.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding logos when it comes to negative space is that of FedEx. This has an arrow that can be seen between the letters E and the X, which signifies movement along with direction and taking action. But what about the new logo for the Edge Browser from Microsoft as it appears there could be numerous things hiding in that negative space?

The logo does have some connection with the old Internet Explorer logo. However, some people have picked up on the fact that there does seem to be things hiding in the negative space. For those who have no idea what the negative space is, it’s simply the blank or white space around and in-between the logo.

If you look at it for long enough you might wonder if Microsoft put in a hammer and a sickle, perhaps it reminds you of Sonic the Hedgehog getting ready to spin in a ball. It looks as though it could be a faucet over a sink, perhaps it could be a lamp hovering over a desk, what about a hair dryer placed over a massage table?

Different people have different ideas about how Microsoft has used that negative space, if they did at all.

In Malaysia, using negative space logo design isn’t common. Internut has in the past designed logos for companies looking for this – our favorite would have to be one we did for a restaurant and bar in Empire Damansara called The Jekyll & Hyde. Do check it out.

If you’re looking at getting your logo design in place, Internut is recognized as one of the Top 25 Enterprise Logo Design & Branding Agency on DesignRush. So get in touch with us today!

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