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  • Internut featured in Best App Developers List in Malaysia

    With an expertise is mobile app development in Malaysia, Internut was excited to be listed as one of the best app developers in Malaysia by As explained by the team behind TrustedMalaysia, the extensively test and research all the services which they review and list on their coveted best list. This list highlights leading […]

  • 7 Surprising Facts About the Invention of the Mobile App Development

    Steve Jobs foresaw the development of a new digital distribution system long ago, in 1983. He presciently predicted an age when softwares would be downloaded over phone lines. Today, practically two score years later, we cannot imagine our lives without web applications. Web applications have become indispensable to us. From keeping ourselves up-to-date to connecting […]

  • Mobile app development in Malaysia has grown in popularity in recent years as more businesses and individuals recognize the potential for reaching and engaging with customers through mobile devices. However, the cost of developing a mobile app can be a major barrier for many organizations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Fortunately, there are a […]

  • Clutch Recognizes Internut Among Malaysia’s Top B2B Companies for 2022

    At Internut, we are an interactive agency focused on quality and experience, with a few offices worldwide. Our collective of directors, designers, developers, animators, copywriters, and marketers all collaborate to create interactive digital properties and engaging campaigns that make customers smile in the process. We understand the business side of the equation. In today’s market, […]

  • AI Is The Key To Fintech & E-wallet Future?

    With new technologies like cloud computing, machine learning algorithms, and more, there is more space now for AI to play a much bigger role, especially in the banking industry. All the new advancements in tech and also new regulations, competitions and consumer expectation means that financial corporations will have to keep evolving to make sure […]

  • AI Predicting How We Want To Be Entertained

    Artificial Intelligence is all about collect data and using it to guess what we will want to see, do, and hear in advance and some companies and individuals have already been making use of this useful tech to entertain their audiences. Alex Da Kid’s latest track, “Not Easy” climb all the way up to number […]

  • Smartphone Opening Up New Doors For Millennials with Dating, Banking and Job Matching Apps

    Dating tips and tricks that might have been relevant 20 years ago would not be of much used now as the social rules of dating now are so different from what it was back then. In the past, it was all about walking up to someone, getting their number and work from there but with […]

  • Retailers Blurring The Lines Between Online & Offline

    The convenience that e-commerce platform has to offer might give brick-and-mortar retailers something to fear but some business is already finding ways to work around it by integrating online-to-offline strategies and gamification to enhance the shopping experience for their audiences. Japanese retail company UNIQLO decided to take full advantage of the Chinese New Year festivities […]

  • Emerging mobile app technologies taking the auto industry by storm.

    In China, anything you want to do can be done through the internet which might sound like the worst nightmare for brick-and-mortar retail in the country but that is far from what is happening as the companies find a way to work with the virtual world to further enhance the shopping experience for their consumers. […]

  • Internut Announced as Top Developer in Malaysia by Clutch!

    Here at Internut, we are thrilled to be recognized by Clutch. A small, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based app development company, we specialize in Web Development and Mobile App Development, satisfying our customers with polished products. As mobile app development becomes more commonplace, you need a polished design to generate and maintain traffic, increasing your revenue. This […]