AI Predicting How We Want To Be Entertained

Artificial Intelligence is all about collect data and using it to guess what we will want to see, do, and hear in advance and some companies and individuals have already been making use of this useful tech to entertain their audiences.

Alex Da Kid’s latest track, “Not Easy” climb all the way up to number four on the iTunes Hot Track chart in less than 48 hours and while some people might attribute it to him being an extremely talented artist, AI could also have played a big role in the success of the new track. The track was created with the help of Watson from IBM which analyze the composition of five years’ worth of Billboard songs, cultural artifacts, film scripts, and social media commentary to give him a clear understanding of the “emotional temperature” of that period of time.

Using Watson BEAT, Ales then came out with different musical generation algorithms for inspiration on what kind of musical elements to use.

Of course, AI not only plays a huge role in music but in movies as well. Thanks to the use of AI by VFX company Digital Domain, they were able to insert more of Josh Brolin’s features into Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War movie to give the characters a more human-like face.

An AI algorithm was trained on high-resolution scans of the actor’s face to track his expression. Even minor details like wrinkles and movement will be recorded and then fed into a machine learning algorithm that will then map the face into Thanos’ body.

AI is also used to keep us on a site a little longer. Websites like Youtube and services like Netflix would analyze what you enjoy watching and then suggest other videos and show that they think would interest you and that is done with the help of AI.

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