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Lexus case study

For more than two decades, Lexus has redefined the meaning of luxury driving. With the launch of their next generation model came a next generation way to accommodate potential buyers.


A website serves as a good source of information for products and services but it can also make on-ground activation run that much smoother. And that is exactly what Internut accomplished for the launch of the brand's flagship SUV - the Lexus RX series.


The Lexus RX launch at the Sunway Convention Centre had a guest list of over 1,000 people. With four check-in booths and a debut gambit that was a few minutes long, Lexus Malaysia couldn't afford to have their guests queuing up in lines.


Our check-in system allowed guests to register in under 8 seconds, cutting down the wait time in queue to less than a minute. This gave guests more time to view the all-new Lexus RX range and not the back of the heads of other guests.