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Air Asia case study

In a world where everything is closer together than ever before, pulled together by commerce, technology and fast, inexpensive air travel, one thing remains as distant and diverse as it was a hundred years ago.


Currency, or more specifically, foreign currency.


We still have the British Pound, US Dollar and our very own Malaysian Ringgit. Foreign currency and foreign exchange is a drag. An old-world drag. The Air Asia ezpay virtual card is from the new world. It lets you manage multiple foreign currency balances and you can use it just like a real credit card wherever Mastercard is accepted via the iOS and Android mobile apps.


Internut has worked with Air Asia ezpay & BIG Prepaid on the development of the iOS and Android apps, the former being a global, multi-currency and mobile framework issuing and servicing thousands of cardholders daily.


The Air Asia ezpay and BIG Prepaid iOS and Android mobile apps are built to military grade standards; banking platforms need this sort of security around them. Overall the outcome of the mobile apps are possibly as good as a physical Mastercard itself.