Retailers Blurring The Lines Between Online & Offline

The convenience that e-commerce platform has to offer might give brick-and-mortar retailers something to fear but some business is already finding ways to work around it by integrating online-to-offline strategies and gamification to enhance the shopping experience for their audiences.

Japanese retail company UNIQLO decided to take full advantage of the Chinese New Year festivities back in 2017 by launching a two-week campaign with Alipay which sent out virtual red packets filled with virtual money to their customers when they approached a UNIQLO store. Of course, to benefit from the red packet, the customer will need to enter the store, scan a UNIQLO logo using the Alipay app and redeem the coupon and cash.

Other companies like Alibaba added some AR element to their campaign by releasing an AR mobile game app where the user will need to follow a cat mascot through the app to get prizes and coupons. The prizes can then be used in selected stores. This won’t be the only time Alibaba has chosen to use the “new retail” system to generate more traffic to their website. Last year, the company broadcasting a countdown gala for Singles Day that involves celebrities like Mariah Carey asking viewers to “watch now, buy now” in real-time without having to leave the comfort of their home.

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